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Modelling Day With The Kids!

If you've ever done a photo shoot with kids you'll be familiar with our story!  One weekend our friends came to stay, Diana and I thought it would be a good idea to grab a photo shoot session with our kids. It'll only take half an hour! We were being ambitious! We trudged up 3 flights of stairs, carrying our props whilst the boys zoomed ahead towards some exciting unknown (my studio). Ideally a photo shoot would go something like this - calmly put the clothes on and pose sensibly for photos. [...]

Wild Haired Impossible Girl Is Modelling ‘Elk Family’

One afternoon Elsie - also known as 'Wild haired impossible girl' - decided that she was going to model and that I was going to pay her - LOTS! I am a horrendous photographer (that's why I need Diana Martin!),  but that did not stop us from having fun. As you can see from the photographs it was not a normal photo shoot. Elsie had ideas of her own. Elsie is quite a character, and I wouldn't have her any other way! If you are interested in having  look at the dress [...]

Making A Screen Printing Frame (still on a shoestring!)

The handsome gentleman in the video is Martyn. Hardwood Plywood The measurement of my plywood was 2.5 m by 1.2 m. This gave me enough to make 3 frames measuring 108 cm by 71 cm (outer dimensions).  I purchased my ply from a timber merchant, Harlow Bros Ltd in Derby.  Most timber merchants will cut your wood to size, this is recommended because it produces more accurate results. If I had attempted to cut the outer frame myself it would have resulted in wonky corners, thus registration when printing would be a [...]

Screen Printed Organic Cactus skirt In Black And White

(C) Diana Martin Photography

The BIG screen printing experiment: Part 2

Last year I attempted to make my own ‘exposure unit’ that would allow me to expose large screens.  Almost a year on I have decided that the previous method was… well rubbish! […]

Introducing – Rain!

For the past few months Pandora, of iNKIDOT, and I have been collaborating in secret. Pandora is an expert screen printer and an amazing illustrator, so when she mentioned a collaboration I immediately agreed. It is an honor to work with such a talented person. […]

The BIG screen printing experiment.

Granted that when you start up a new business, without any capital, it is incredibly hard! And, in a lot of cases we have to improvise with the little tools that we have. My case I had literally nothing. I’d sell something, and then that little bit of money would go towards purchasing materials to make my own ‘tools of the trade’. No pocket money for me, not yet! I made and meshed my own screen printing frame – see ‘Making a screen on a shoestring. The next stage of the experiment was to burn my design onto the mesh BUT [...]

Making a screen on a shoestring

Developing a new business is hard! And, if you don’t have the start up capital it is even harder.  For a business to begin generating an income you need the necessary tools that enables you to make your product to sell but you can’t sell… until you have those tools.  A bit of a catch 22 situation! For Elsie Jayne to continue developing I needed specifically sized screens for printing onto large pieces of fabric on my fabulous handmade screen printing table [I’m slightly in love with my mega printing table!].  But, I had no money left to buy these [...]

Inspiration Day (and the joys of kids tagging along!)

I had a bright idea! An inspiration day. A day of nostalgia, browsing though all the gloriously colourful flowers at our local garden centre. The aim was to take as many photographs of  plants that inspired me, plants that would later be incorporated into my fabric designs. Elsie, on the other hand, had a different idea! […]

The evolution of the Elsie Jayne logo

  Just look at that little face! Click on the picture to read how our logo evolved. How our ‘Wild haired impossible girl’ became our logo! Looking back, this little photo shoot was a very hectic afternoon. Whilst Elsie was ‘posing’ for photographs her big brother was prancing around in the background with an umbrella of his own, teasing his little sister. But, we got there in the end and Elsie is proud of her logo – which she insisted must be pink! Naturally we obliged.

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